Turn of the century   TURN OF THE CENTURY
From the Prelude to The Century EP :
"Have you thought to stop to ask how the man next to you is feeling, this simple act of caring could be the start of mankinds healing"

Choked   CHOKED
From the "For the Chance..." Album :
"...And the night he fell upon his sword, I could've sworn I felt the very same blade pierce my soul"

Man of a thousand faces   MAN OF A THOUSAND FACES
A Marillion cover, taken from the Prelude to The Century EP : "Well I speak to machines with the voice of humanity, Speak to the wise, with the voice of insanity"

Honey (Acoustic Version)   HONEY (ACOUSTIC VERSION)
Piano and Vocal re-mix :
"An axe to crack the social mould, a market place for selling souls, victims without circumstance emerging from a lifeless trance"

Hunger & The Hurting   HUNGER & THE HURTING
From the "For the Chance..." Album :
"I would lick your bleeding wounds, I would mop your fevered brow, I would feed you on my wine, one more time"

A Century of Lullabies Sampler   A CENTURY OF LULLABIES
Album sampler... hear extracts from songs from the fourth album. Available on CD through the store or as MP3 digital downloads.

Heartland sampler   HEARTLAND
Album sampler... giving you a taste of some of the songs on the third album. The CD is available to buy direct from the artist, by visiting the on-line store.

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