She's a witness to the phenomena
She's a guide for the other side
Whilst sceptics try disclaim her
She lets intelligence decide
And I could clearly see the three of us
Were drawing to her
Almost wrapped around her
Almost breathing through her

In her eyes you saw
Everything that's gone before
Life events like little soldiers in a row
To show us where the path might leads us
Familiar faces to receive us
Glowing bright like burning beacons in a row

She's the sum of the equation
Stepping stones to the other side
So deliberately unspoken
She brings hope where hope had died
And I could clearly see a chance for me
To find the answers
Almost handed to me almost easily

She's a witness to experience
She's a guide for the other side
And I'm feeling so elated
Now we can cross this great divide
Then once I'm there I can find out just
What really happened
Distorted paper lies
There'll be no way to hide
Behind misplaced files
And stern denials
During all of my dispassionate youth
I've been shielded from the truth

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