The race is run in darkness
And we rarely understand
That reaching out for answers
Is like counting grains of sand
Every now and then
We are bathed in the purist light
Of a lonely distant lighthouse
That penetrates the night
Every now and then
We reach and touch the stars
Catch a glimpse of the eternal
That runs through who we are

Everything breaks down
And everything decays
We have to constantly remember
That nothing lasts forever
That when we form attachments
When we invest our all
Nothing lasts forever
We're just setting up to fall
Like the flowing river
And the lush green land
That will one day start to wither
And turn to desert sand
So when we form attachments
And cover up our eyes
Nothing lasts forever
We just believe in our own lies

Everything’s reborn
And everything’s recycled
We have to constantly remember
That everything’s born again
When you perceive the true nature
And you’ve no fear of the future
The constraints of forever
Will combine and give you strength
And when the day comes
That you return unto the earth
Remember death is your placenta
And its essential for rebirth

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