Something has clipped my wings
Reminded me I’m no angel
A clumsy staggering foal
On a wide uneven road
And I can barely lift my eyes
To see the transcendental
Treachery unfold

Something has dashed my hopes
Brought me right back down to earth
A crude and graceless serf
Stumbling since birth
But my eyes are permanently open now
I can finally see what life is really worth

You can choose to follow
Or you can choose to stray
But the path set out before you
Never changes in any way

From the breathless heights
Of my vantage point
Now the bilious clouds have parted
Reveal the truth behind the lie
What really happens when we die
The night is nothing short of rest
Before the sunlight wakes
This beautiful new day

You can take it easy
Or rage against the light
But the sun will always pale away
And give way to the night
Everywhere there are crossroads
Footpaths, tracks and lines
You can stay true to the noble cause
Once you’ve learnt to read the signs

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