In the springtime I walked on
Down into the valley
And rested on old Ebor Bridge
From there I would wait
For a glimpse of the girl
Who lived up on Catclough
The cottage and ridge

Then one evening in summertime
There she sat waiting
Waiting on old Ebor Bridge
She asked me to kiss her
And held herself to me
We watched the white swans
Slowly glide on the river below

She had eyes of warmest hazel
Skin as pure as the snow
And her hair as soft and silken
As I would ever know

In the wake of the winter
With the dam frozen over
She ran to me calling my name
She said "As I grow older
My heart's growing colder
And I can't seem to love you the same"
Now that years have passed by
I'm still questioning why
Our emotions can turn with the fall
We surrender our dreams
And how sad that it seems
At the hands of the faithless
We reach for the blackening sky

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