For the chance you turn away
Taking leave of your new found senses
A risk you need to take
Lured away under false pretences
Written in your face
Caught between a rock and a hard place
Analyse this mystery
Re-define your history

Confiding in a new-found friend
Throwing caution to the wind
Methadone like honey yields
A satisfying dream
Hungry fools will reach out
For the riches never seen between
The long and shorter sighted, slighted
Slipped away again
Putrefied and then distilled
Temptation  for the weaker-willed
To pace the race; adrenalin
Too late to fake refrain
Echo-forming patterns
Form a matrix-maze of hexagons
Interlocked in chemistry
And slipped away again

Honey taps into the hidden senses
Rots the core of the innermost defences

Motion through a liquid floor
Concentric circles open for
Demands and desperation cries
Just a second taste
An axe to crack the social mould
A market-place for selling souls
Supplies surprise behind the eyes
And pockets lined with gold
Victims without circumstance
Emerging from a lifeless trance
Beleaguered from the multitude
Stripped of all but pride
Stumble, fall reach-up and crawl
Hands are scratching at the wall
The rotting stench of fallen flesh
Of all that’s gone before
Honey taps into the hidden senses
Rots the core of the last defences
Eats away at the very essence
Total mass decay

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