In the thirty years that it’s taken me to grow
It’s thirty years and I’m feeling rather small
I can read between the lines
Read between the lines
There are so many things
That we were never meant to know

So the spoils of the century
I hold cradled in my arms
This love, this hate, this fear and hope
Is it all to waste?

What will it take
For you to reach out and embrace me?
What would it take
Just to feel close to you again?
And I’m convinced they’re all asleep
I’m convinced they’re all asleep
Erasing their emotion, their devotion
Just to start it all again
Erasing their devotion
Sanctioned disillusion
To be pure once again
Erasing their emotion
Like returning to the ocean
Just to start it all again

So now my questions are all answered
I cracked the riddle, broke the rhyme
Through my attempt to navigate Elysium
Long before my time
Between existence and the emptiness
Lies the single truth of light
We’re all afraid of our luminosity
Afraid of burning bright

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