We came across a new place
Somehow darker than before
Another hundred thousand sleepers
Maybe a hundred thousand more
These Stars of David, this innocence
All cut down in their youth
A thousand oceans of mother’s tears
A testament of truth

They come to gather round us
Like moths towards the light
We seem to sense their history
But can we understand their plight?
The bitter almond of Zyklon B
The faces stained in blue
The fraying threads of memories
Of what little life they knew

If we could look inside their eyes
If we could feel what they were feeling
A way of life that’s torn apart
Incited prejudice and hatred
And it’s so hard to understand
Man’s inhumanity to man, this master plan?
How can we allow this to pass by?
How can we let this be forgotten, forgotten?
If we could’ve seen inside their hearts
Could we have neutralised the poison?
It’s so hard to comprehend
How they could justify this end
So called solution?

People hang remorseful heads
As they holiday in hell
And even birds will hold their song
In the places where you fell
The trees will keep the secret
Though they bare witness to the crime
No monument can be worthy
And there’ll be no healing with the time
The shame of the century
With the blood still on our hands
Voices will not be silenced
As the truth at last demands

Be careful where you step
...the grave is wide

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