After the bright light fades
And I’ve come down from the ceiling
From the brink of uncertainty
My hands regain their feeling
As if to break the unbearable silence
Machinery starts bleeping
A shock to the orthodox backdrop
Awakened from this sleeping

Having run the length and breadth
Of the spiritual sky
Having heard the words of
A century of lullabies

I kept my grip on my silver chord
I had to hold my nerve and cunning
To cheat the greatest of mysteries
And find a way to end my pain
It took a charged up defibrillator
To get my motor running
Breathing the air again
I sense the life flow back through my veins

Hush now little one please don’t stir
Leave your memories where they were
It won’t be long before morning comes
And oh what joy and oh what fun
Oh what joy and fun
It won’t be long before it’s all undone
Oh what joy and fun

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