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The rites of man
Are slowly being sold
The price of warm embraces
Races skywards out of reach
Cruel reflection, passed rejection now
Relentlessly refrain
My one remaining wish
That tender heartfelt kiss

   My one true love, my only desire
   Accept this sensual offering
   I lay down at your feet
   Deflower me, devour me
   Make me more a part of you
   Than I could ever dream

Again this quick sensation
Takes a hold upon my reasoning
Discarding, disconcerted
Leaves me open and exposed
And I would trade this foolishness
For an ounce of childish innocence
Caught on zephyr
Lost in sands of time
With the spiral slipping tight
I can't undo what has begun
I can't quieten down these voices
That keep saying she's the one

The pendulum is beating time now
Hard against the walls
And the Pepperhaus is shaken hard
Buckles and then falls

Faked passion, poison, pain
False temperament sustained
This nectar sends my senses shifting
Silently surrenders me

A Century of Lullabies


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This Fateful Place